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2016 REI Pray for Snow Bash!

Join us for the Pray for Snow pre-season bash at the REI Denver! We will be there showing off our Sticks with special discounts! Don't miss this evening of free beer from Upslope Brewery, live music by The Goonies, and fantastic prizes from REI and our top wintersports brands. Here are some reasons to get stoked: Steamboat Resort will be giving away a trip and selling an exclusive event-only 3 day lift pass; watch the World Premiere of Powder Magazine's newest film "Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks" and meet the stars of the film; receive your winter season's fortune from Old Lady Winter; guzzle free beer and fill your face with locally sourced artisanal corn dogs; dance the night away with 80's cover band The Goonies; participate in the first ever REI Outdoor Programs Raspberry Bacon Rail Jam; and launch Twinkies from a catapult. Be sure to dress-to-impress with an 80's outfit--1980's, 1880's, 1280's--we don't care which century, we just want you to dress up and celebrate! And at the end of the night, we will be burning a giant medieval city covered in Twinkies. Seriously, a giant medieval city. Don't miss this one...there isn't another celebration like it.