You may order any size, even 47.5"

Our thoughts on Length choice:

You may order any size, even 47.5". If your height is at one end of a height range, order one inch taller or shorter. Poles are measured by their total length, from the top of the grip to the bottom of the tip.

Traditional sizing will put your elbow at, or just below a 90 degree angle. Some prefer A Tad Shorter, especially if they often ski bumps and trees. Shorter poles will give you more clearance in powder or bumps. Pole length is often a factor of personal preference, not just height.

If you like the length of your old poles, don't change! We recommend that you measure (don't trust the printed length) the total length of your old poles. Total length: from the top of the grip to the very bottom of the metal tip.

As always, please Contact Us with any questions. We're happy to help you pick the right length.


We want you to 100% happy with your new Sticks, send them back to and we'll change your length for FREE. See our length change policy for more info.