Lifetime Warranty (SUP Sticks and Original Grass Sticks Ski Poles)

Grass Sticks are tough as nails. However, if your sticks break, we'll replace them!

  • Within two years of your order we will replace them at no cost to you. We are so confident you will enjoy your sticks, all shipping costs are on us. This applies to Paddles and Poles.
  • After two years from your order we can replace your 1 broken pole for $19.00 + shipping cost or send you a full new pair for $38.00 and we'll cover the shipping within the USA (International shipping will be offered at a discount). For Paddles, the "beyond two year" warranty fee will be decided from case to case, but will not be more than $68.

To get things started Email us at with your name and/or order number, and a photo showing your broken sticks. If you'd like, we would love to hear about the gnarly crash that caused catastrophic bamboo failure.

Return Policy (SUP Sticks and Original Grass Sticks Ski Poles)

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your sticks, please return them for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.  Did I mention we're confident? All shipping within the USA is on us.

  1. Email us at with your name and order number.
  2. To help improve Grass Sticks, please include a description of why you are returning your sticks (no questions asked) and we will get the ball rolling.

Fit Guarantee | Length Changes

We are proud to be able to offer skiers and paddlers completely custom lengths and want you to be 100% happy with your new Sticks. If you are unsatisfied with your length choice just send them back within 30 days. and we'll ship them back within the USA* at your desired length for FREE (Free shipping does not apply to SUP Sticks). *Length change requests out of the USA will receive $14 off the shipping cost.

  1. Email us at with your name, order number and desired length.
  2. Send them back to the address that we provide. Shipping to us is on you, we'll cover the rest.
  3. We will send your poles back at your desired length for FREE! (Free shipping does not apply to SUP Sticks)