We take pride in the gear we make and draw from our education in carpentry, physics and engineering. But, most importantly, our lives revolve around our passion for skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking and rafting with years of professional coaching and guiding in the world of outdoor sports.

Grass Sticks is located in Steamboat Springs, CO and was started there in a garage in 2014 by engineer-turned-ski bum/coach/instructor Andrew Beckler. While skiing over 100 days a year, we became fed up with our ugly, bent, kinked and broken poles. There is no reason to trash 3 pairs of poles a season, so we set out to create our own.

From our award winning ski poles, we developed our bamboo paddles and couldn't be happier with their performance on our local whitewater, and the rave reviews we get from our friends and customers on the coasts. We look forward to developing our current and new products....and of course lots of skiing and paddling!

We're pretty stoked about our Sticks, and you will be too.